• General information
      • Subject of the Russian FederationLeningrad region
        Type of siteIndustrial Park
        Type of parkGreenfield
        Certificate of Association of Industrial ParksNo
        National Standard CertificateNo
        Park addressTosnenskiy Municipal District, Te'manovskoye Rural Settlement, "Tel'mana" massif, "Nikol'skiy" site No. 172-175, 428/1, 429/1
        Name of the facility management companyLLC Agency for Territorial Development "M10"
        Ownership form of Managing CompanyPrivate
        Ownership form of real estate assets (not owned by IP residents) and internal infrastructurePrivate
        IP type in accordance with ownership form Private
        Park websitemcm10.ru, lenoblinvest.ru/..
        Park development conceptYes
        Specialization of Industrial ParkMulti-industry
    • Main services offered by the facility management company
      • Land salesYes
        Land tentalsYes
        Rentals of completed production sitesYes
        Turnkey construction of production facilities (built-to-suit service) Yes
        Provision of special-purpose equipmentNo
    • Additional services offered by the facility management company
      • Logistic_servicesNo
        Staff recruitmentNo
        Maintenance and operation of shared facilitiesNo
        Security servicesNo
        Legal servicesNo
        Consulting servicesYes
        IT servicesNo
        Site cleaning and waste removalNo
        Transportation of the Residents' personnel and provision of individual transportNo
        Other servicesNo
    • Transport accessibility
      • Distance to the nearest city (town), km.21
        Distance to the regional center, km.25
        Distance to Moscow, km.680
        Distance to the nearest federal highway, km.8
        Moskovskoye Shosse (M-10)
        Nearest road, distance, km.0
        Joining to railway linesYes
        Railway lines within the park territoryNo
        Name of the nearest cargo offloading facilityPustynka/Kolpino
        Distance to the nearest railway transport unloading terminal, km.4
        Distance to nearest International airport, km.38
    • Park infrastructure, land plot
      • Land plot
        Total area of park territory, hectares43
        Area of available territory within the park, hectares43
        Permissible hazard class for companies, structures and other facilities to be locatedIII
        Industrial real estate
        Maximum ceiling height of industrial premises (up to framework), m.6
        Average rental price for industrial premises, rubles per sq.m per year4000
        Electrical energy in the park
        Electricity supplyYes
        Gas supply in the park
        Gas supply availabilityYes
        Heating energy in the park
        Heating supplyNo
        Water supply
        Water supply availabilityYes
        Water supply sourceExternal Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Plant
        Waste water and sewage treatment facilities
        Sewage treatment facilitiesYes
        Sewage treatment structures belong toExternal
        Communications in the park
        Communications channelsTelephone
    • Human resources availability
      • Availability of transport means for commuting from inhabited localities to IPYes
    • Information about residents
      • Total number of residents in IP, units20 (total amount for all sites of "M10" Industrial park)
        Number of residents who commenced production in the park, units5 (total amount for all sites of "M10" Industrial park)
        Number of jobs created in the park, units1000 (total amount for all sites of "M10" Industrial park)
    • State support of park
      • IP is a participant of federal state programsNo
        IP is a participant of regional state programsYes
        Status of regional level SEZ assignedNo
    • Tax benefits for ip residents with indication of actual tax rate
      • Profit taxYes
        Tax rate, %15.5
        Transport taxNo
        Corporate property taxYes
        Land taxNo
        VAT taxNo
If you have questions please contact
tel.: +7(812)33-497-33
e-mail: mail@mcm10.ru